Hikers paradise

In Funäsfjällen you will find more than 40 marked hiking trails, 60 peaks above 1000 metres and more than 200 mountain lakes. Fjällnäs is in the middle of this hiking paradise and there are many possibilities for daytrips or multi-day hikes. Chances are that you will meet reindeer on the way.

Moose safari

We arrange moose safaris for groups of up to 6 people. We leave early in the morning so that we have the greatest chance of spotting wildlife. We show you the beautiful landscape of Funäsfjällen and explain about the special animals. The tour includes a breakfast. Please contact us in time to book your moose safari!


In summer, the ski area of Hamra is one big down-hill paradise. Together with your MTB or fat bike you take the lift up and you have the choice of dozens of descents. Of course you can also ride on one of the many MTB tracks that have been built in Funäsfjallen. We rent out MTBs and fatbikes.


We rent out one-person kayaks, a Canadian (for families with children) and rowing boats. You can enjoy the beautiful view from Malmagen Lake while paddling. There are also several beaches where you can relax.

Fly fishing

During the summer season we offer fly fishing courses for beginners. In the evening we teach you the basic techniques of casting. The next day we take you to a river where you really go fly-fishing. The use of fly-fishing rod, fishing licence and fika is included.

Daytrip with Icelandic horses

Take a day trip through the fjälls on your 'own' Icelandic horse. You can book a half or full day tour. Under the guidance of an experienced guide from Fjällpilens you will make an unforgettable trip. Maximum of eight participants. For our camping guest can we book a day tour at Fjällpilens

Discover the Sami culture

Fjällnäs is situated in the middle of the Sami area Ruvhten Sijte. To spot reindeer you don't have to leave our campsite. The reindeer come to visit us regularly. To get to know the Sami culture, a visit to the Sami village Mittådalen in combination with a drive over the Flatruet - the highest mountain road in Sweden - is very worthwhile. In Funäsdalen you can visit the Fjällmuseum and the Sami park Lopme Laante

Climb Funäsdalsberget

The via ferrata at Funäsdalsbergets is a steep climbing route with stunning views. With a secure cable along the trail, climbing harness, helmet and a brief equipment review from Topsports experts, you can easily and safely climb to the top of the mountain on your own. Once at the top, you can enjoy a fantastic view from the terrace of the Toppstugan. The climb takes a couple of hours and is an exciting challenge for the whole family.

Golf courses in Funäsfjällen

Two of the most beautiful and spectacular golf courses in Sweden are in the Funäsfjällen. The 18-hole golf course in Ljusnedal is Sweden's oldest mountain course, built in 1972. The 9-hole course at Ramundberget along Ljusnan is a little gem in the mountains according to Swedish Golf.

Røros, Norway

Røros in Norway, only 55 km from Fjällnäs, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. Two streets with wooden houses and a stone church are important parts of the protected town centre. A visit to the Røros museum is well worthwhile. It is also worth noting that the winter scenes of Pippi Longstocking were filmed in this picturesque town.

Olav's mine, Røros

Join us on a one-hour walk through 300 years of mining history! The tour goes through Nyberget mine from the 17th century and Olavsgruva mine from the 20th century, 50 m down and 500 m into Bergmannshallen. Sound and light effects make the trip an atmospheric experience. Wear warm clothes and good shoes!

Close encounter with the muskox

The muskox is a contemporary of the mammoth. An encounter is very special. In Sweden there is only one wild herd of muskoxes left: in the higher mountains near Fjällnäs. The chance of meeting these animals in the wild is very small. At the Myskox Centre in Tännäs you can see these impressive animals with a guide! We can book a visit to the Myskox Centre for you on request.

Mushroom and berry picking

The peak season for berries and mushrooms is in July-August. But there are certainly treasures left in nature. During autumn, there are often plenty of crowberries and on the bogs you can find cranberries. Maybe there are some blueberries left and some mushrooms even if the high season is over.

Flatruet: Sweden's highest mountain road

Flatruet is Sweden's highest mountain road. The gravel road takes you through an impressive mountain landscape. On the way, the view is breathtaking and in the distance, you can see the Helags Glacier, Sweden's southernmost glacier. The Flatruet is perfect for a day trip in combination with the Sami village of Mittådalen.

Northern lights

You can often see the Northern Lights as early as the end of August until well into April. The timing of the northern lights varies depending on how early darkness falls. This photo was taken in early September